Dr. Helen E. Miller, Ph.D., LPC
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I am a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) in two States, Oklahoma and Arkansas. I moved to the NWA area from Tulsa, Oklahoma and spent two years providing diagnostic services and ongoing counseling for the community mental health center, Ozark Guidance.  I managed the Axis II treatment track executing 13 groups each week. The work was challenging and rewarding at the same time.  I quickly became an expert in helping the clients to regulate their emotions and use the group homework assignments in their daily lives.  While I am working with clients learning life skills I am committed to supporting the clients in their personal growth and change journeys.   In the beginning of therapy, my theoretical approaches and treatment techniques include CBT, TCBT and DBT.  I am also a provider for mental health care for Blue Cross Blue Shield. 

During my lengthy career I have been a juvenile probation officer and managed the Probation Department for the East side branch of Tulsa County, in Tulsa, Oklahoma and I have years of experience and have been the Program Director at Shadow Mountain Hospital, managing a major adolescent sex offender treatment hospital program also in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  

My work now includes working with adults and adolescent sex offenders including the knowledge of working with victims and their families. I am an ATSA, (association for the treatment of sex abusers), member and I participate in training's throughout the year with ATSA. The Arkansas Chapter of ATSA meets in Fayetteville, Arkansas annually in December.   My training and experience enables me to provide; psychological therapy, groups, couples and family therapy, substance abuse assessments, and career counseling and the resulting research from my work.  I now provide psychosexual assessment services for the Department of Corrections Community Based Services in Arkansas.   In addition to the adult sex offender treatment I provide, I have been able, through this type of work, to help children and adolescents in cases of sexual acting out.  These evaluations are completed confidentially and are brought about by the most current scientific methods. I hold all current credentials and I am recognized as an expert in the field of sex offender treatment.   I also use equine assisted psychotherapy with some of the adolescent clients.

I am now an active part of several local Arkansas school-based programs to help students decrease less desirable behaviors, and improve in their school attendance and assignments.  I help to bring about more success in learning for these kids.
I am a scholar and practitioner and I have presented on a variety of mental health and educational topics at state, national, and international conferences.  I remain on the forefront of clinical practice and current research.  I am available for consultation and training in the areas of counseling service delivery, testimony/witness work in sexual abuse cases.  I can provide custom trainings for individuals, groups and organizations on a wide variety of counseling topics.  Seminars may range from a one-hour long presentation to day long workshops.


Dr. Helen E. Miller, Ph.D., LPC.